Virtual Counselling

Clarity Psychology is happy to offer counselling through video conferencing or telephone. Telepsycholgy can be helpful for clients that want to access care but have barriers such as distance to the clinic, travel, scheduling limitations, illness, etc. Telepsychology has also served as a viable means of reducing the spread and transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses.

When considering whether telepsychology is right for you, it’s important to remember:

  • Information transmitted via the internet may not be secure.
  • Others may over hear if you are not in a private place during the session.
  • Particular interventions may be unavailable.
  • Safety issues and/or possible contraindications for particular issues (e.g., imminent risk of harm) may exist.

Telepsychology requires that you are in a private location at a fixed address (i.e., you are not driving or walking in public). It is important that you have a phone with a stable signal or a computer with video capabilities connected to a stable and secure internet connection.

Video sessions at Clarity are offered through Google Meet. You do not need to have a Gmail account to access Google Meet and there is no cost to use this platform. If you plan to attend on a smartphone or tablet, downloading the Google Meet app will be helpful.

Your therapist will review the risks and benefits of telepsychology before beginning this modality of care. For questions about telepsychology, please email Dr. Erica Dunn, Director of Counselling at erica(at)