Individual Counselling for Children & Adolescents

Coming Spring 2024

Individual counselling for children and adolescents typically involves regular, one-to-one meetings between a mental health professional (e.g., a Registered Psychologist) and a minor (under the age of 18). Clinicians are trained to engage with children and teens in a meaningful way, that often includes discussion but may occasionally include activities, art, games, etc. Our team will ensure that you are involved in your child’s treatment and we will help you to provide important support at home.


Common reasons that parents seek therapy for their children or teens include:

  • Anxiety, phobias, shyness, separation difficulties
  • Emotional dysregulation, tantrums
  • Aggression
  • Nightmares / sleep irregularities
  • Significant changes in the family (e.g., divorce, move)
  • Grief and loss
  • School difficulties
  • Social challenges
  • Issues with peers

Therapy for children and adolescents will be offered at Clarity Psychology starting in spring 2024. Check back this winter for more information.