Counselling & Assessment Fees

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Counselling Fees

Fees are $220 per 50 minutes of counselling. This amount is based on the recommendations of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.

Assessment Fees

Our assessment fees range from $1200 to $3500, depending on the complexity of the assessment. All potential clients need to contact our office for a specific quote. The full fee for assessments is required after the initial session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clarity Psychology prefers payment using credit cards. However, if this is not possible, please discuss payment options with your treatment provider. A receipt for your services will be provided after your treatment session.

Clarity Psychology does not offer direct billing to insurance companies at this time. We encourage individuals who have a healthcare plan to contact their providers and inquire about coverage in regard to psychological assessments. 

It is worth noting that, in our experience, many insurance companies provide fairly minimal
coverage for psychological assessments. In some cases, insurance companies will not cover report writing time, which is often the majority of time spent working on a psychological report. It is also common for insurance companies to only compensate based on the number of
appointments and, in the case of assessments, there are often only two appointments (i.e., the assessment date and the debrief), although an initial consult is sometimes scheduled depending on the type of assessment and the practitioner.

Clarity Psychology requires 24 hours to cancel appointments. You may be charged the full session fee (using the credit card on file) if sufficient notice is not provided, with the exception of illness or compassionate reasons.

If you are late, your appointment will still end at the scheduled time. If your psychologist is late to a session, they will ensure you receive the full length of your session or provide you with the option of rescheduling.

You will be charged an appropriate fee for any preparation time that is required to comply with informal or formal requests, case conferences, and extended phone calls or e-mail responses.